Silk threads weaving a complex
mix of elements.
Thoughts, feelings, emotions, longings.
The body, the matter.
The subtle, the existence.

As we live this life 
we, without knowing perhaps,
create a whole unit of interlaced light filaments.

We can build a nest capable of holding
the perfect loving conditions to embrace
our greatness.

So, are you ready to become a life weaver?

Watercolor, Chinese ink, microfiber,
woven silk threads, collage on paper/
17.5 x 25 cm.

And then, ephemeral impermanence.
Letting go of the old, the familiar yet limited known world
for a new understanding.
A new recognition of my inner self.

No more lies. No more veils.
Just my deepest honest truth.
No more scary shadows.
Just my heart.

What was hidden there turned out to be
astonishing beauty and freedom...

A new journey through the unknown begins.

Watercolor, Chinese ink, microfiber,
collage on paper/
17.5 x 25 cm.


Can you feel the light going through
the darkness?
Can you be aware of the warm cozy
force expanding 
from your heart to the world?

Gray hues, dots of inner alignment.
Vibrant comet trails.

It's time to share the love.

Watercolor, Chinese ink, acrylic, microfiber,
collage on paper/
17.5 x 25 cm.

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