It started as a simple exercise but then I found it absolutely interesting and funny and creative. So this will be a space in which I will pick up an artwork from a renowned artist and, inspired on their work, write a story, a possible narrative to explore our deepest imagination.
The Alchemist
Story inspired on the Remedios Varo's painting “Creation of the birds”, 1957.
Enough was enough. There was a fearless determination in her eyes; she was not going to continue living like that, under such monotonous pulsations of life.   
So that night, as she usually did, she sat on her polished desk, and changed her destiny forever. 
     There was an urgent need to express herself boldly and loud. So she took an old brush, a violin, some pipettes and vessels from the time she was studying the science of the universe and closed her eyes for a moment.
Something inside her inner realm ignited as a powerful revelation. The image of a bird came to her mind, so sweet and etheric, full of desires of freedom and liberty. 
She could feel it. An uncontainable haste for releasing that energy pushed her forth, and out of the sudden, she started drawing, painting, singing with colorful vibrant whispers of art. She only needed three colors to come out with the full spectrum of life expressions. She was really endeavoring to alchemize what had seemed to be the truth. So rigid and unfair. And so she did it. A whole army of birds became alive with all their details: velvet wings, majestic crowns, elegant tails. These fantastic beings were gifted with sparkling curiosity and a profound sense of nobleness. And freedom was their purpose.
     That night, under the presence of the moon and the stars, she reborn as a completely refreshed version of herself. Now she was free.

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