Nature hides a creation code in its structure. It is fractal and, when repeated, it creates a captivating visual formula that offers peace. Black ink, the main character. And dance, transforming all that inhabits this world.
ACT#01. DANCEduck

Life can be hard, repetitive and even boring.
Everyday the same thing.
And without noticing it,
our sphere of creation and living
contracts and becomes smaller and smaller.

Suddenly, we have no options,
no ideas, not even a single possibility to evolve.
And that's when magic awakes.
Somehow our wise soul remembers its essence of joy.
And the one becomes the many.
The only, the multiple.
The day unfolds in hours full of minutes and seconds.

They say, we create what we believe in.
So, what if we believe we are unique blissful beings
celebrating the pleasure of being alive?

 Let´s dance, shall we?

Acrylics and microfiber on paper/
32 x 47 cm.
ACT#02. MOVEfish

There are some kinds of mind statements
that permeate all existence.
Those that shape our life and beliefs.

Then you have questions, doubts.

Everytime you give yourself
permission to question
the apparent structure of the self,
you are co creating a pulsation of inner movement
where potentiality and possibility can emerge.

You break the path,
re-think, contemplate and then you choose (again)
a new structure.

The difference is that the new one
should be one that reflects more of your true essence.

So you can move to evolve.
Acrylics and microfiber on paper/
32 x 47 cm.
ACT#03. FLOWjellyfish

It is when we flow
that the river moves its waters.
The elements of nature refresh their intention
and everything around and inside
becomes a live expression of evolution.

Nothing stays still forever.
Though we may not notice,
there's always a subtle movement at every level.
Organic smooth waves almost imperceptible.
Other times, strong and firm impressions
that speak loud and clear.

The flow is there.
You can join it or not.
You can flow or not.
But see what it looks like when you move.

Acrylics and microfiber on paper/
32 x 47 cm.
An imaginary world of possibilities where doors open themselves to offer multiple paths. You see them all without knowing which one is the right one. But here's the trick: there's no one possible answer. So, which will you choose?
The situation is the following.
You are standing in the middle of the field.
This outstanding surrounding
is vibrating with multiple dimensions.

The secret formula announces the opening
of all the planes of existence.
You are allowed to move in certain patterns of movement:
you can walk, jump, swim or fly. Yes.

But nothing seems to be what it really is.
You think this is a land of chaos and uncertainty,
impossible to be experienced.

Out of the sudden, you see the unseen,
a clear cosmic rainbow path 
that feels so peaceful and uplifting...

Now, you know what to do.

Acrylics, watercolor pencil, microfiber 
metalized pieces of paper, on paper
32 x 47 cm.

Imagine a game board full of small beautiful craft pieces. 
They have different colours and shapes.
Because they don't use batteries, you have to move them manually.

So you have to make the first move.
The options are: past, present or future.

If you move your piece backward you are sent to the past. 
If you move forward, you travel through time to the future.

But if you stay just where you are, 
you keep yourself in the present moment. 
So your move is one where you actually don't move.

Experts advise taking the third option. They say it is the best one. 
Though many players usually prefer to go to the past 
or to be projected to the years to come.

But, this is YOUR game.
So, which will be your next move?
Acrylics, watercolor pencil, microfiber 
metalized pieces of paper, on paper
32 x 47 cm.

ACTS OF INTENTION. The inner commitment

Once the resolution is set
all the cells in the system activate
their vibrational force of co-creation
in alignment with that supreme vow. 

An organic flow of energy
becomes alive giving birth to
dormant superpowers
and forgotten abilities. 

The being is called to do the job.
With unbreakable determination
the truth is revered
and the soul finally has the freedom
to manifest.

It has the permission to be
all she is meant to be.
Acrylics and microfiber on paper/
32 x 47 cm.

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